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December 2018

  June 2010

May 1994

May 1991


Leadership and Innovation  

Arizona State University


NJ Superintendent and Principal Certification        

NJEXCEL/Thomas Edison State University

Thesis 1: “A Blueprint for Blended Learning

Thesis 2: “Digital Badging for Professional Development”


Secondary Education Social Science

The College Of New Jersey


Political Science

The Pennsylvania State University


(August 2018 – present)

Associate Professor, Professional and Secondary Education, East Stroudsburg University

East Stroudsburg, PA


Clinical Supervisor, University of Central Florida 

Orlando, FL


Instructor, University of Central Florida

Orlando, FL

  • Serve as the Graduate Coordinator

  • Serve as the Co-Coordinator of the National Board for Professional Teaching Program

  • Instruct undergraduate, M.Ed. and Ed.D. program courses leading to teacher certification and/or administrator licensure in face to face, online, and blended formats

  • Serve on the Teacher Education Council, Faculty Development and Research Committee, Entrepreneur Committee, and One Book One Campus Committee

  • Conduct research in topics of significance to the education profession 

  • Received a Spring 2019 Faculty Research Grant 

  • Assisted interns with the development of lesson and unit plans in a variety of content areas including art, English, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Special Education.

  • Acted as liaison between the off-campus participating school and the University.

  • Conducted orientation sessions for supervising teachers and student teachers. 

  • Conducted observations of student interns in the field, implementing the Clinical Supervision Model.

  • Conferred regularly during the semester with student teachers and offered encouragement, evaluated the effectiveness of their work, provided suggestions and materials, and promoted student growth in self-concept and self-evaluation. 

  • Taught SSE 3312, Teaching Social Studies in the Elementary School, and SSE 4361, Social Science Instructional Analysis, to undergraduate pre-service teachers. 

  • Developed online learning modules for special education and ELL students.



Education Consultant, Azukas Consulting

Maplewood, NJ


Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction, Cranford Public Schools


Director of Curriculum, Office of Innovation, New York City Department of Education

New York, NY


Director of Curriculum, Principal/Instructional Leader, Teacher, The Florida Virtual School, Orlando, FL


Innovation Coordinator/Curriculum and Instruction Supervisor, Jefferson Township Public Schools,

Oak Ridge, NJ

  • Review, evaluate, and provide strategic direction regarding curriculum, student assessment, instructional design, accessibility, technological delivery, design processes, and change leadership and management for K-12 schools, colleges and universities, non-profits, and corporations.

  • Assist with the development of performance appraisal tools and professional development for teachers and school leaders.

  • Develop and advise on the implementation of personalized, competency-based, standards-aligned curriculum.

  • Develop, deliver and evaluate online course content for students and professional development for online and blended learning

  • Served as the professional development coordinator for the district, developing two intensive teacher learning cohorts on personal and blended learning. 

  • Facilitated the implementation of all district testing. 

  • Provided leadership and oversight of the curriculum design and review process. 

  • Supervised the content area supervisors and instructional coaches. 

  • Lead the development and implementation of district services including P2E (gifted and talented) and Achieve (basic skills). 

  • Developed and implemented the district mentoring program and the New Faculty Collaborative.

  • Coordinated the Professional Development School (PDS) with Seton Hall University.

  • Oversaw the district technology department and initiatives. 

  • Lead curriculum council for all district administrators.

  • Developed and directed the curriculum and instruction budget.

  • Responsible for the coordination and submission of all district grants including NCLB/ESEA.

  • Developed district partnerships with colleges and universities, non-profits, and business partners.

  • Participated in the design and implementation of the strategic plan for iLearnNYC, a 6-12 online and blended learning initiative.  

  • Responsible and accountable for developing, improving, evaluating, and procuring online curriculum aligned to standards for content and accessibility. 

  • Made key policy decisions regarding blended/online learning to support program goals.

  • Managed a $26,000,000 curriculum budget.

  • Planned and facilitated visioning process and professional development for 100 schools.

  • Facilitated the implementation of competency-based programs utilizing online curriculum.

  • Managed partnerships with 16+ different content vendors. Supported vendors with curriculum revisions to meet Common Core, accessibility, and interoperability requirements. 

  • Played a key role in the development of a customized LMS and analytics system for iLearnNYC.

  • Conducted ongoing program evaluation, participating in an extensive research study.

  • Participated in policy-making processes at the state level.

  • Implementation curriculum/accessibility changes resulting in improvement of student learning. 

  • Provided oversight of the curriculum design and review process for over 100 courses. 

  • Educated faculty in the conceptual framework of online curriculum. 

  • Oversaw the learning management system use, enhancement, and support. 

  • Coordinated delivery of FLVS courses in 12+ different learning management systems.

  • Supervised ADL Co-Lab in the implementation of 508 and SCORM interoperability standards.

  • Developed university partnerships to co-develop curriculum and develop standards for articulation to ensure smooth transitions from secondary to post-secondary online learning. 

  • Supervised 75-100 teachers across all content areas. 

  • Developed and implemented a new performance management evaluation tool.

  • Coached and promoted professional growth of teachers, overseeing personal growth plans. 

  • Developed and piloted a peer coaching program for instructors. 

  • Served as the District Special Education Coordinator.

  • Served as the Innovation Coordinator for the District representing JTPS at the state level as a part of the NJ Innovation Community. 

  • Developed and implemented a blended learning initiative to personalize student learning.

  • Oversaw the curriculum development and implementation for social studies, fine and related arts, technology, and other areas as assigned for grades K-12.

  • Certified Danielson evaluator; supervised 30 + instructors. 

  • Directed multiple departmental budgets, overseeing materials selection and purchasing.

  • Served as the hiring authority for assigned district departments. 

  • Developed and deliver district-wide professional development.


Elementary School Teacher (3 years)

Middle School Teacher (3 years)

High School Teacher (9 years)

  • Pre-K

  • Kindergarten

  • Multi-age Grade 3, 4, and 5

  • Global Studies 7th Grade

  • Global Studies – 9th Grade

  • Comparative World Studies - 11th Grade

  • Contemporary American Problems – 12th Grade

  • The Holocaust and Human Behavior – 12th Grade

  • American Government and AP U.S. Government and Politics – 11th and 12th Grade (online)

  • United States History and AP U.S. History – 9th and 10th Grade (online)


  • School Administrator/School Superintendent NJ

  • Principal Certification NJ

  • Supervisor Certification NJ

  • Teaching Certification: Social Studies 6-12 & Elementary Teaching NJ

  • National Board Teaching Certification

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